Many people have asked the questions: What is history? Why do we study it? Why is it important if it happened in the past?

Just imagine if all the stories of all the people you ever knew came together in one book? What would that book look like? What stories would it tell? What secrets would it share? History is the story of everyone's life combined into one condensed version. No two history books are alike. Each person has a place in history, even you!

On September 11, 2001, the United States was changed forever. Many people died and we remember this anniversary as a day to honor them and to remember all the things that makes our country so special.

Many students have questions. Some were old enough to live through this day but not remember. Others remember being sad and scared. Others are confused about why the adults were sad and scared. Some people are still mourning loved ones. All of these feelings are normal.

Each person has a story to share about this part of our history. Share your story or question in the comments. I have listed in our history sections links for more information on this topic. Discuss what happened with your parents, grandparents, and siblings. What other big events have your parents and grandparents lived through? What stories do they have to share about those days?

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